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3001 S. FEDERAL BLVD. #201 
DENVER, CO 80236-2711 
(W) 1.800.409.1702 (H) 303.937.4240

To entertain human beings as a stand up comedian.

PERFORMANCE SUMMARY:  PJ Moore is a nationally touring Headline 
Comedian with a strong and varied performance history.  PJ has 
done voice-over work.   PJ has done a stint as a radio DJ.  PJ has 
recorded two full length folk song albums.  His humorous writings 
have been featured in Playboy Magazine..  PJ has performed as a 
stand up comedian in 30 states.  He has performed in the theater 
since age five.  PJ has been featured on Colorado PM and in 
The Denver Post as well as many other publications.  PJ speaks in 
a deep bass voice and his timing is atomic.  He is a dependable, 
patient, and flexible professional who had gained the respect of 
his peers and acceptance from audiences all over the United States.

PHYSICAL STATISTICS:  Long Dirty Blond Curly Hair, Steel Blue Eyes; 6 0"; 175 lb.

 Wendy Curtis	303.595.3637  General Manager & Emporess, Comedy Works 						 Denver, CO
 John Cooney	303.430.4242  Owner/Booker/King, Wits End Comedy Club						Westminster, CO				

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PJ Moore
3001 S.Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80236-2711
United States


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PERFORMANCE SUMMARY: P.J. MOORE is the most sought after comedian to 
emerge from the comedy community of Denver, CO.  He is a regular 
headliner at the world famous Comedy Works in Denver, Colorado and 
has graced the stages of comedy clubs in over thirty states.  In 
addition, he also performs regularly at colleges and universities 
including the University of Denver, Colorado State University, and 
the University of Colorado.  His talents have been featured on several
occasions on the grand stage of the Paramount Theater in Denver, CO.  
He has opened for the likes of Rodney Dangerfield, Roger Rittenhouse, 
Wendy Liebman, Jake Johansen and many others.  He tours nationally on 
a schedule limited by the demands placed on him by is writing.  He is 
an accomplished musician and song writer with performances featured 
on local radio stations and the nationally syndicated Dr. Dimento 
Radio Show.  He has worked in the darkest of night clubs and the 
brightest shows.  He is professional and has the ability to recognize 
the needs and desires of his audience and fulfill them.  Ask anybody 
familiar with his performance and you will surely receive their opinion.

NATURE OF PERFORMANCE: PJ MOORE has a strong background in performance 
in the areas of theater, radio, and music. He draws heavily on his 
rural upbringing in IOWA.  At times he is a male voice speaking out 
in these politically correct times. At other times he strokes his 
guitar companion and sings people into fits of laughter.  "Roadkill: 
A Love Song" is one of his most requested songs.  His wit is razor sharp, 
his timing is atomic, and his softness could melt butter on a hot 
August afternoon.  People have said P.J. is like Rodney Dangerfield, 
Steve Martin, and Barry Manilow all rolled up in one.  These people 
have been terminated.  We encourage you to form your own opinion 
about this talented young comedian.


"You're funny kid!" Rodney Dangerfield
"P.J. Moore is the funniest man ever to walk into this town!"  The Telluride Gazette
"He's too stupid to get nervous, that's how he does the things he does." Tom Kechkter